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The principle of choosing insulation materials for thermal kiln

With the increasingly tense resources, thermal industry enterprises are becoming more environmentally friendly and energy-saving in the selection of refractory materials. The main performance of the thermal kiln is mainly determined by the technical and economical performance of the fire-resistant insulation material, and its use directly affects the investment cost of the kiln, the work performance, the thermal efficiency, and the energy consumption cost of the operation. More and more high-performance insulation materials gradually replace refractories and become the protagonists of the heat insulation and fire resistance of kiln furnaces.
When selecting refractory materials, the following principles need to be followed:
1, furnace performance and thermal characteristics. Kilns with intermittent work should use materials with low heat capacity.
2, the safe use of materials, temperature, thermal conductivity, high temperature strength, chemical stability.
3, the use of life.
4, investment costs and operating maintenance costs.
When using lightweight insulation materials, it is generally determined by the thermal conductivity of the insulation material (λ) and the cost per unit volume of insulation material (Ρ). The smaller the product value of “λΡ”, the better. The small value of the thermal conductivity indicates that the thermal insulation material has a good thermal insulation effect and the energy cost during operation is low. The low cost per unit volume of insulation material indicates the low investment cost and good investment and economic effect. It can be selected by coordinate graphical method. The abscissa is the working temperature and the ordinate is (λΡ). The curve of each material is intercepted by the safe use temperature of the material, and the material with good technical and economic performance is selected. For example: in tunnel kiln construction The material for the top of the tunnel kiln has been replaced by a new type of ceramic fiber monolithic module instead of the original refractory brick. Insulation material for tunnel kiln Integral ceramic fiber module realizes the thermal expansion stress of the structure due to its own advantages in the use of thermal equipment. It is firmly fixed and lightweight, which greatly enhances the heat insulation and heat insulation of the fiber lining. And sealing effect. The traditional insulation lining structure used to replace the complicated parts of the thermal equipment can effectively strengthen the thermal insulation effect, reduce the heat loss, and enhance the wind erosion resistance of the heat-resistant lining. At the same time, its special anchoring method solves the problem of slow installation speed of the traditional module. The construction of the lining is simple and rapid.\
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