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The superiority of ceramic fiber modular lining

Ceramic fiber module lining is a lightweight and efficient insulation lining. Compared with traditional refractory lining, it has the following technical performance advantages:
        (1) The low bulk ceramic fiber module lining is 70% lighter than the light insulation brick lining, and 75% to 80% lighter than the lightweight cast lining. It can greatly reduce the steel structure load of the kiln and extend the service life of the furnace.
        (2) The heat capacity of the low heat capacity lining material is generally proportional to the weight of the lining. The low heat capacity means that the kiln absorbs less heat during the reciprocating operation, and the heating rate is accelerated. The thermal capacity of ceramic fiber is only 1/7 of that of light heat-resistant lining and lightweight clay ceramic tile, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in the furnace temperature operation control, especially for the intermittent operation of the heating furnace. energy saving effect.
        (3) The thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber module is less than 0.11 W/(m·K) at an average temperature of 400 ° C, and the thermal conductivity is less than 0.22 W/(m·K) at an average of 600 ° C, with an average of 1000 ° C. The thermal conductivity is less than 0.28 W/(m·K). It is about 1/8 of the lightweight clay brick, which is 1/10 of the lightweight heat-resistant lining (casting material), and the heat insulation effect is remarkable.
        (4) Excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical vibration performance The ceramic fiber module has flexibility and has excellent resistance to severe temperature fluctuations and mechanical shock.
        (5) Simple construction The special anchoring method solves the problem that the traditional module installation speed is slow. The folding module will squeeze each other in different directions after unbundling, and no gap is generated. The lining does not require drying and maintenance and can be used directly after installation.
        At present, energy conservation, environmental protection, and prevention of global warming have increasingly become the focus of attention in the world, and fuel costs will become the bottleneck for the development of the steel industry. Therefore, people are more and more concerned about the heat loss of industrial furnaces. According to statistics, after the ceramic refractory lining of general continuous industrial furnaces uses ceramic fiber modules, the energy saving rate is 3% to 10%; the energy saving rate of intermittent kiln and thermal equipment Up to 10% to 30% [1], or even higher. The use of ceramic fiber module lining can prolong the life of the kiln and reduce the heat loss of the furnace. The application of the new generation of crystalline ceramic fiber composite module can not only improve the cleanliness of the furnace, improve the product quality, but also achieve better energy saving. effect. Therefore, the industrial furnace kiln, especially the heating furnace of the steel industry should be designed with ceramic fiber module as the lining of the furnace. The old heating furnace should try to use the repair time to change the refractory brick or layer carpet lining to ceramic fiber module. Structure, this is also an important measure to achieve sustainable development of the steel industry\
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