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A new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products - lightweight thermal insulation brick

Compared with traditional building ceramics, lightweight insulation bricks have the unique porous structure and the refractory, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance of traditional ceramic products, low density and sound insulation. The characteristics of heat insulation and so on are a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly revolutionary products that meet the decorative needs without increasing the load on the floor and reducing the comprehensive consumption of resources, energy and social resources by building ceramics.
1. Light weight: Light brick has a dry capacity of only 500-700Kg/m*3, which is 1/4 of ordinary concrete, 1/3 of clay, and 1/2 of hollow block. Because its bulk density is smaller than water, Commonly known as aerated concrete floating on the water, the use of this product in the building can reduce the building's own weight and greatly reduce the overall cost of the building.
2, heat preservation, heat insulation: due to the aerated concrete in the manufacturing process, the formation of tiny pores inside, these pores form an air layer in the material, greatly improving the thermal insulation effect, so that the thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is 0.11- 0.16W/MK. The insulation effect is 5 times that of clay bricks and 10 times that of ordinary concrete.
3, sound absorption, sound insulation: the porous structure of aerated concrete makes it a good sound absorption, sound insulation performance, can create a high air tight indoor space for you. Provide a quiet and comfortable living environment.
4, small shrinkage value: due to the use of high-quality river sand and pulverized coal as a siliceous material, its shrinkage value is only 0.1--0.5mm / m, the shrinkage value is small, good material to ensure that your wall will not crack.
5. Impermeability: The pore structure of this product makes the capillary action poor, the water absorption and humidity are slow, and the time required for the same volume to absorb water to saturation is 5 times that of clay brick.
6. Environmental protection: no pollution during manufacturing, transportation and use, protection of cultivated land, energy saving and consumption reduction, and it is a green building material.
7. Earthquake resistance: The same building structure uses light bricks to improve the earthquake resistance level than clay bricks.
8. Durability: The long-term strength of the aerated concrete is stable. After one year of atmospheric exposure to the test piece, the strength is increased by 25%, and it remains stable after ten years.
9. Machinability: This product is light in weight, various in size and size, easy to lay pipelines for nailing, drilling, chopping, sawing and planing. Moreover, the expansion tube can be used on the wall surface to directly fix the cabinet, air conditioner and range hood. For your hydropower installation, home decor brings convenience.
10. Refractory: The refractoriness is 700 degrees, which is a first-grade refractory material. The fire-resistance of 100mm-thick blocks is 225 minutes, and the fire-resistance of 200mm thick blocks is 480 minutes.
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