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What are the properties and uses of mullite insulation bricks?

Mullite insulation brick is a new type of refractory material in China, which can directly contact the flame, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, light high, small thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, and significant energy saving effects.
Huite-Mullite brick has high fire resistance, which can reach above 1790 ℃. Load softening start temperature is 1600 ~ 1700 ℃. The compressive strength at room temperature is 70 ~ 260MPa. Good thermal shock resistance. There are two types of sintered mullite bricks and fused mullite bricks.

The sintered mullite brick is made of high alumina bauxite clinker, and a small amount of clay or raw alumina is added as a binder, and then formed and fired. The fused mullite brick is made of high alumina, industrial alumina and refractory clay, and is added with charcoal or coke fine particles as a reducing agent. After molding, it is manufactured by reduction electrofusion method.
The fused mullite crystals are larger than the sintered mullite and have better thermal shock resistance than the sintered products. Their high temperature performance is mainly determined by the alumina content and the uniformity of the mullite phase and glass distribution. Mainly used in hot blast stove top, blast furnace body and bottom, glass melting furnace heat storage chamber, ceramic sintering kiln, dead angle lining of petroleum cracking system, etc. Mullite bricks have the characteristics of high softening temperature under load, dense structure, low porosity, and good erosion resistance.

Uses: Suitable for lining of cracking furnace, hot air furnace, ceramic roller kiln, electric porcelain drawer kiln, glass crucible and various electric furnaces.
Performance: high fire resistance, up to 1790 degrees Celsius. Load softening start temperature is 1600-1700 degrees Celsius. The compressive strength at room temperature is 70-260Mpa. Good thermal shock resistance.
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