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Brief introduction of high temperature castable

With the increasingly strict environmental protection policy, the kiln industry has entered a peak period of environmental protection and energy saving transformation. This year, the market price of high-temperature refractory castables continues to rise, compared with last year's price per ton by a notable increase. Today, Sunrise Refractories analyzes the market price in 2020 based on the ex-factory prices of high temperature refractory castables for these two days for your reference.
We know that high-temperature-resistant castables are widely used in furnaces and thermal equipment in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, petrochemicals, and power building materials. Good use effect. In areas that come into contact with liquid metal or slag, only the tundish has a thermal insulation plate. In the part in contact with the liquid metal or slag, only the tundish has used the heat insulation plate, and has achieved good results.
In recent years, under the situation of hot selling of new environmental protection energy products, high temperature resistant castables have entered the sights of the relevant kiln industry. Under the changing market situation, high temperature resistant castables have been widely used in long-term industries, leading the market Many manufacturers pay attention to the production technology of castables, which reduces the production cost of refractory manufacturers to a certain extent.
With the need for energy saving in industrial kiln, high temperature resistant castables will surely gain greater development. Its direction is light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, easy to use and low price. In addition, lightweight aggregates and binders are generally used in combination with admixtures to develop excellent high temperature castables.
The production cycle of high temperature castables is generally shorter than the production cycle of refractory bricks of the same material, so the sales of refractory castables are very large, so how much is one ton of high temperature castables becomes a very important issue, but Can not blindly pursue low prices, quality is the goal of the refractory industry. High temperature resistant castables have high requirements on the formulation, the particle size must be reasonable, and the type and amount of admixtures have a significant effect on the high temperature castables. The construction and oven of high-temperature-resistant castables must be carried out in strict accordance with requirements, so as to ensure the service life of high-temperature-resistant castables.
High temperature refractory castable is a kind of granular and powder materials made of refractory materials with a certain amount of contact agent. It has high fluidity and is suitable for irregular refractory materials formed by casting. Compared with other amorphous refractories, the contact agent and moisture content are higher, and the fluidity is better. Therefore, the application of indefinite refractories is wider, and the raw materials and contact agents can be selected according to the application conditions. It can be directly cast into a lining body, and it can also be cast into a prefabricated block using pouring or shaking methods.
According to the location and purpose of each kiln, high temperature resistant castables are divided into many types. High-strength abrasion-resistant high-temperature castables include corundum high-temperature castables, steel fiber high-temperature castables; and heat-insulating lightweight heat-resistant and high-temperature castables. The increase in market demand, the complexity of production processes and the rise in raw material prices have determined the reasons why the price of high temperature castables will continue to rise in 2020.
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