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Basic Principles for Reasonable Selection of Fused Zirconium Corundum Bricks

(1) The pool wall brick in contact with the glass melt adopts the oxidation method 33 # inclined cast zirconium corundum brick. This choice is technically and economically reasonable. If you take into account the needs of the state-of-the-art bricks in the furnace, a slight change in the brick type is even more foolproof. Of course, the choice of this kind of pool wall brick is compared with the traditional bottom-up multilayer brick wall, although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but there is also the problem of losing sight of each other. Therefore, many furnace designers are still accustomed to traditional pool wall structures. It should be noted that: the 20 # thick 44 # non-shrinking AZS brick is the best choice in the upper pool wall, and the lower part can reduce the quality grade of the pool wall bricks in turn. It is worth noting that the selection of many varieties of pool wall bricks should pay attention to the gap between the grades of fused bricks in adjacent areas should not be too large. Because from the perspective of the production of various varieties of refractory materials, the physical and chemical indicators, mineral composition, and performance of high- and low-grade materials are very different, and the adjacent use is technically and economically unreasonable.
(2) Almost all the upper structure of the melting furnace can normally use ordinary cast fused zirconium corundum bricks, and its functions are sufficient.
(3) For the kiln bottom insulation furnace, the kiln bottom pavement is most suitable for the 75mm thick oxidation method 33 # non-shrinking AZS brick, which is used in combination with zirconium corundum ramming material during construction.
(4) Generally, 33 # zirconium corundum bricks are used for small furnace side walls, flat concrete and oblique concrete. The furnace bottom can also be used with no shrinkage holes or densely cast 33 # zirconium corundum bricks.
(5) It is best to use ordinary cast α-β alumina bricks for the tank wall of the clarification section, and it is better to use non-shrinkage cast α-β alumina bricks at the bottom of the kiln. This type of kiln is more expensive and can be used. Oxidation method 33 # AZS brick instead.

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