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Carbonaceous Refractories

Carbonaceous refractories are refractory products made of carbon or carbon compounds with different forms of carbon as the main component. They can be mainly divided into the following types.
Carbonaceous Refractories
1) Carbon brick 
Carbon brick is a type of neutral refractory made of carbonaceous materials as the main raw material by adding an appropriate amount of binding agent. It is widely used in the hearth, bosh, belly and shaft of blast furnaces. It can increase the continuous operation time and prolong the service life of the blast furnace. In addition, it is also widely used electrochemical industry, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, electroplating industry, ferroalloy industrial furnaces (or the lining of equipment), lining and piping for acid and alkali liquid, and the lining of non-ferrous metal smelting (such as lead, aluminum, tin, etc.). 
2) Graphite refractory products
Graphite refractory products are made of natural graphite as the raw material and clay as the binding agent. Such products include clay graphite crucibles, retorts, steel plug brick, nozzle brick and ladle lining brick. Among them, clay graphite crucibles for steel and non-ferrous metal smelting are the most widely produced and used. 
3) Silicon carbide refractory products
Silicon carbide refractory products are advanced refractories made of carbide (SiC) as the raw material. They have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of linear expansion and good thermal shock resistance. They can be used for ladle lining, outlet, plug, blast furnace hearth and bosh, troughs, converter and electric furnace tapping hole, no water-cooled furnace rails and so on. In the smelting of non-ferrous metals (zinc, copper, aluminum), they are used extensively for distillation, distillation trays, cell side walls, the molten metal pipes, suction pumps, and metal smelting crucible. In the silicate industry, it is widely used batts kilns and muffle materials, such as muffle furnace linings and sagger. In the chemical industry, they are widely used oil and gas generator, organic waste calciner, LPG gasifier and desulfurization furnace. In addition, in space technology, they can be used as rocket nozzles and high-temperature gas turbine blades.
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