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Notes on purchasing zircon alumina bricks

 When choosing a fire brick manufacturer, something   must be understood.

1. Index performance
As we all know, the performance of refractory bricks with different materials is different, as is the stuffed corundum brick. Corundum bricks have different performances depending on the raw materials used, such as brown corundum, white corundum, and black corundum. Therefore, when purchasing corundum bricks, the indicators of corundum bricks provided by customers need the same quality inspection report provided by the refractory bricks manufacturers after production to ensure that the index performance of corundum bricks can meet the needs of customers.
When the household purchases corundum bricks, there are standard Huai bricks and special-shaped bricks, and some are designed and manufactured by refractory brick manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the produced corundum bricks meets the requirements of the drawings and can be applied on site. The masonry is processed and marked when it is delivered, and it must be marked when it is shipped. It is convenient to apply I masonry on site.
3.Zircon alumina brick manufacturers
Corundum bricks are refractory bricks. As a buyer of corundum bricks, purchasing general corundum bricks needs to provide information on the index performance, size and other information of corundum bricks. Corundum brick manufacturers can produce and process them. However, for more corundum bricks, such as electricity Fused alumina bricks and chrome alumina bricks are not processed and produced by each refractory brick manufacturer. These corundum bricks require specific refractory brick formulas and processing techniques. Therefore, when choosing a fire brick manufacturer, these must be understood.

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