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How Do You Measure The Quality Of A Fused Cast AZS Block?

There are many manufacturers of such materials, each of them using various percentages of various compounds, thus making the end result enjoy different properties. It is a well-known fact that the refractory has a direct influence on the quality of the glass and on the capital expenditure. This makes the selection process extremely important, as all contributing factors should be taken into consideration: the budget, the furnace output and the required glass quality. Stability is one of the most important traits of the raw material and it should have a major influence on the selection.
In case of a fused cast AZS block, the improvement of the glassy phase may have a positive impact on the exudation, creep and other potential defects of the glass. Ideally, the refractories supplier and the glassmaker should communicate very well, as the supplier has to know perfectly how the production process is going on. They need to know all details regarding the raw material, the molds, the melting and the annealing. The suppliers also need to ensure an excellent and reliable quality insurance before the end product gets delivered to the customer.
There are also other selection criteria, the most important being the exudation and the chemistry. There is a need for stable refractories in glass melting furnaces, therefore suppliers need to take this into consideration and adjust their production and quality control processes accordingly.
Fused cast AZS refractories are classified by their zirconia content into 5 families, each of them with a different corrosion resistance. 
To give you only one example, the fused cast AZS refractory class containing 36% ZrO2 has an excellent resistance to corrosion. This makes it a very good choice for the glass contact parts of the melters. It is also very effective in paving blocks and side walls. The 17% ZrO2 Super Low Exudation is very good because it allows eliminating the vitreous phase exudation. The result is a higher quality of the glass. 
The materials are chosen according to the filling process type. For instance, in case of normal filling the best materials are 17% ZrO2 Super Low Exudation and the 32% - 34% ZrO2. In case of reinforced filling, these two materials aren't suitable, the 36% ZrO2 and the 40% ZrO2 being much better. In case of void free filling processes, all categories of materials are suitable. The glassmaker and the refractory materials supplier need to discuss all elements of the production process and then choose the best solutions for each particular situation, in order to be able to meet all criteria related to budgets and the required end product quality.
As you can see, each class of materials has its characteristics that make it better for certain processes and terrible for others. Only a team of skilled technicians can thoroughly assess all parameters and recommend the perfect solution for each process.
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