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Factors Affect Wear Resistance Of Firebrick

Wear resistance is a mechanical wear ability to resist solid, liquid and dust. In many cases, the damage caused by the mechanical wear of the firebrick surface is often very serious. It is often the direct cause of the working surface loss of a firebrick material. Sometimes, it is more harmful than chemical erosion. For instance, the firebrick liner of superstructure of glass furnace often loss due to lack of wear; the place of air flow scour and melting flow of furnace is also easy to loss due to low wear resistance of firebrick. So, wear resistance of firebrick is an important property.

fused cast azs block
The following factors can affect the wear resistance of firebrick such as zircon brick, fused cast AZS block and fused cast alumina block , etc. which is used in the liner of glass furnace
1. Wear Resistance of firebrick depends on the composition and structure of the material. When the material is dense multi crystal which is consist of single crystal, its wear resistance mainly depends on the hardness of the material mineral crystal. The higher the hardness is, the higher the wear resistance is. However, when mineral crystal is not the same, if the grain size is small, the wear resistance is high. If the material is made of multi phase, its wear resistance is related to the bulk density and porosity of the material. And it is also related to the combination intensity of the components. 
2. Wear Resistance of firebrick is also related to temperature. At the normal temperature, the wear resistance of a certain firebrick is related to the cold crush strength. The good sintering product has good wear resistance. Firebrick such as silicon aluminum products which is generally believed that under a certain temperature (such as in the elastic range700~900℃), if the temperature is high, the wear resistance is low. At temperature of 1200~1350℃, the wear resistance of aluminum silicate firebrick products is even better than those at room temperature. When the temperature is increased to 1400℃, the viscosity of the liquid phase in the firebrick products is reduced, and the wear resistance decreases.
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