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Attention to Bottom Erosion Of Glass Furnace

With the rapid development of furnace industry, in recent years, tank bottom of glass furnace in some glass factory is often reported to have leakage event. The main reasons of leakage is that the bottom structure of the pool is not effective to prevent the drilling of glass liquid or caused by metal particles which drill down and cause erosion. So tank bottom which can prevent glass liquid from drilling up and metal particles from drilling down is required. Both the two types corrosion mentioned above are caused by free interface layer at the interface of three species, in normal circumstances, these three species are refractory bricks (fused cast azs block, zircon brick, mullite brick, etc.), glass liquid, and air bubble or metal. 

fused cast AZS block

When glass liquid flows under pave brick of tank, air bubbles will be produced, then these bubbles will go up to erode the upper refractory bricks, such as fused cast azs block. The bubble is very important, if the bubble trend is big, the erosion is big.
The initial erosion point caused by bubble is in the horizontal gap between the layers. If the pave brick is single, the erosion point is between pave brick and sealing layer. The erosion in the vertical joints is less than that of the horizontal joints. However, as a result of glass liquid flowing through the vertical joints to horizontal joints, so pave brick, joints and sealing layer should be combined to form the whole closed integral which can effectively prevent the glass fluid from flowing into the horizontal seam.
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