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Formation Of Furnace Skin


The glass refractory usually refers to the high temperature bricks which can be used in liner of glass furnace, such as zircon brick, fused cast azs block, fused cast zirconia block, silica brick, magnesia brick, mullite series brick, etc. Correct and effective constructed method of refractory not only can prolong the service life of glass furnace, but also can eliminate some stress caused by premature damage such as furnace skin. The main factors that affect the formation of the furnace skin are as following:
1. The chemical composition of raw materials: The furnace skin is formed from liquid phase into solid phase of the material during the producing process. The more the aluminum and iron components is, the more the liquid phase, the easier the furnace skin formed. 
2. Flame temperature: if the flame temperature is low, the formation of liquid phase is relatively small, and it is not easy to form the furnace skin; if the flame temperature is too high that will make the temperature of furnace skin higher than the liquid phase of solidification temperature, and furnace skin easily fall off.
3. Flame shape: furnace skin temperature is influenced by flame shape, heat dissipation of furnace shell and other related factors. Generally speaking, too short, too fast and too thick wide flame has relatively serious erosion on furnace skin; Long flame is more favorable to furnace skin, however, it will disperse the heat of the furnace which is not good to refractory bricks.
4. Position of burner: unreasonable installation will directly affect the shape, length and firm level of furnace skin in glass furnace, and even affect the quality and life of refractory bricks. Generally, burner is installed in the third quadrant close to 0 place and 200 - 300mm entering the furnace, and coal pipe inclination need be slightly lower than the furnace slope.

fused cast azs block
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