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Maintenance and Overhaul for Glass Furnace

The reasonable operating system of glass furnace is an important guarantee for prolonging the service life of the furnace and obtaining the high quality products. The operation of the furnace must be carried out strictly in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the process.

fused cast azs block
When the furnace is put into operation, we must always pay attention to the maintenance. This can not only prolong the service life of glass furnace, but also improve the quality of the glass. Not only the reasonable design and good construction for glass furnace can prolong the service life of glass furnace, if you pay more attention to strengthen the maintenance inspection, and make it to be included in the regular operation specification, the service life of glass furnace can be extended to 20%~30%.
It is an important work to inspect the whole furnace in a regular time (e.g., weekly or monthly). Roughly estimate the erosion of breast wall, screen wall, side wall brick, bottom brick(fused cast AZS block) and checker brick, observe the expansion and cracking of various parts of the furnace, and do a detailed inspection record, which is helpful to analyze the damage degree of different parts of the furnace and take measures in time to repair.
The system network technology is used to compile the detailed plan of the overhaul. Determine the date for the release, the end of the discharge, the date of stopping the furnace to cool and the beginning time to detach the furnace. Formulate the work schedule and personnel of the various parts of the kiln body. During the preparation of construction schedule, the material and various tools during overhaul plan is also needed to prepare. Formulate plans for the development of safety and labor protection products.

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