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Fused Cast AZS Block With ISO International Certified

Fused cast AZS block has excellent physical property in high temperature, such as high thermal shock stability, good chemical stability and strong resistance to slag. Importantly, the fused cast technology can avoid electrode pollution. Sunrise can provide fused cast AZS block which has passed ISO standard, however, as to ISO standard, below is the simple introduction for your reference.

ISO standard is the standard of environmental management system established by the international standard organization, which aims to improve the global ecological environment, comply with the international environmental protection and development, and achieve harmony between man and nature. ISO standard is the first standard of environmental management system and the most important standard in series related standards, which is the basis of enterprises to establish environmental management system and also one of the bases of the third party to certificate and verify.

fused cast azs block
Glass industry is a traditional industry which has high energy consumption and pollution, so it is important to establish ISO environmental management system in the enterprise. Take float glass as an example, the average energy consumption of float glass in our country is 7800 kilojoule/kg, which is 20% higher than the international average level which is 6500 kilojoule/kg. Meanwhile, dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen oxide discharged by glass furnace can easily cause environmental pollution, so glass industry has been the focus industry of prevention and control of air pollution by our country. The glass production enterprises who want to develop in the international market competition need to implement ISO which is conducive to enterprises to prevent pollution, save energy and raw materials, improve corporate image and increase market share.

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