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Erosion Process Of Fused Cast AZS Block

The erosion resistance of fused cast AZS block to glass liquid is high, however, as the body of brick is long time in contacting with the solid-liquid interface of hot glass liquid, so it is subjected to large chemical attack and mechanical erosion, which therefore can also cause the damage to the fused cast AZS block. The analysis of erosion process of fused cast AZS block is as follows:

The content of glass phase of fused cast AZS block is almost 15-20%, and the glass phase begins to exude at the temperature of 1300 ℃, which will continuous loss with the temperature rising. After the reaction of the molten glass and the glass phase of brick, glass liquid is infiltrated into the surface of the brick body continuously and gradually. The Na2O which is infiltrated into the glass liquid of glass surface reacts with the corundum of crystals in brick, then forming nepheline(Na2O, Al2O3, SiO2). Although the monoclinic zirconium in the brick crystal phase is very stable, and forming a protective layer of anti-erosion, however, the protective layer of anti-erosion will fall continuously and with the extending of time and the increasing proportion of the protective layer, and it will be flowed away by the liquid flow with the flowing of glass liquid. Then a new brick surface is formed and will be eroded due to the same reason as before. What’s more, many small bubbles in the glass phase continually escape into the eroded layer, which increases the erosion speed, and that is so called “up drilling erosion”. When the solid, liquid and gas-phase exist at the same time, activities of gas phase promote the stirring of liquid phase and accelerate the melting solid phase.

fused cast AZS block

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