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Fused Cast AZS Block VS Fused Cast Alumina Block

Everybody is not strange to electric melting block, however, as to its different clarification, some people can't tell the difference between them. Today we will mainly distinct two kinds of electric melting blocks which are fused cast AZS block and fused cast alumina block.
1. Fused cast AZS block
Fused Cast AZS block is also called electro Zircon corundum block, which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. According to the different content of Zirconia from 33%-41%, fused cast AZS block can be divided into three types AZS—33#,AZS—36# and AZS—41#. Fused cast AZS block is made from pure alumina powder and Zircon sand (composed of 65% zirconia and 34% SiO2). The bulk density is among 3.4~4. 0 g/cm3, the porosity is among1%~10% , and the maximum use temperature is about 1700 ℃. Fused cast AZS block 33# is mainly used in relatively low temperature and corrosive parts of glass furnace such as working ends, feeder channel, etc. Fused cast AZS block 36# is only available for straight brick and it is recommended to be used in sections where corrosion and temperature is higher, such as sidewall, paving, doghouse, etc. Fused cast AZS block 41# is especially applied to seriously corrosive parts of glass furnace such as throat, bottom budding, dam block, electric block corners, doghouse and also can be used in sidewalls.
2. Fused cast alumina block
Fused cast alumina block is also called fused cast α-β block which is mainly composed of Al2O3 whose contents is more than 94 percent , and it is produced by melting and casting high purity alumina in electric furnace at 2000℃, α-β corundum products is formed when alpha alumina and beta alumina inter-combine during their crystallization stage. This process directly leads to its dense structure formed, so this block has excellent endurance to strong alkali. Under 1350C, it has strong corrosion resistance and almost does not contaminate to glass melting liquid. Because it does not contain impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2, when it comes into contact with glass liquid, air bubbles are rarely found. Therefore, this product has the special characteristic of minimizing contamination to glass liquid. With the excellent performance, fused cast alumina block TY-M (α-β block) is mainly used as the ideal refractory material for feeder channel, spouts and working ends of glass furnaces. 

fused cast azs block
These two kinds of electric melting brick products, although there have similarities, they belong to different types of products, and they are different in nature contents. As long as you understand them, you will use them correctly.

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