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Application of fused cast AZS block in the melting part of bottle furnace

As to the melting part of bottle furnace, the required refractory bricks shall be strictly selected.

fused cast AZS block
1. Arch of furnace (crown): work temperature is 1500~1600℃, contact with high temperature alkali vapor directly, The selection of refractory bricks should use high quality silica bricks.
2. Contact area of the flow in the vault: containing arch brick, breast wall brick, back wall brick, tuck stone brick and nozzle brick whose working temperature is 1500~1600℃, and fused cast AZS block is mainly used.
3. The position contacted with glass liquid: mainly using straight brick, corner brick in dog house, bubbling brick, electrode brick and cover brick of dog-hole, the working environment is 1200~1550℃, these parts mainly adopt fused cast AZS block or sintered mullite bricks.
4. Sealing layer of tank bottom: working temperature is 1200~1400℃, mainly use zircon ramming material and zircon brick.
5. Side wall brick: this part directly contacts with glass liquid, which can adopt fused cast AZS block.
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