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Key Points To Be Noted In The Purchase Of Fused Cast AZS Block

Fused cast AZS block is made by pure power of Al2O3, 65% ZrO2 and 34% SiO2 which are melted in electric melting furnace, then injected into model, through cooling and formed white solid. The petrographic structure consists of eutectoid and glass phase group of corundum and zirconium inclined stone. Fused cast AZS block is mainly used in high temperature resistance furnace such as glass industrial furnace and glass electric furnace.
If you expect the glass furnace to reach the designed service life, you need to know both the appearance quality and inner quality completely of fused cast azs block, not only the good properties, but also the weakness, for instance, which parts can have flaws, which parts must be perfect.

fused cast azs block
1. Appearance quality
Fused cast azs block 44# is generally used in sidewall of glass furnace such as corner bricks, bubbling brick, dog hole brick, and dam block, which have strictly requirement to gap with adjacent brick, as big gap can speed up the erosion of glass liquid to fused cast azs block, so 0.5mm is the maximum gap when assembly; shrinkage holes of bottom bricks are not allowed to exist; per cubic meter of surface,more than 2mm porosity is not allowed more than twelve; color of fused cast azs block should be white-yellow; bubbling brick and dog hole brick are not allowed to exist crack; There is no defect in the top of the wall of 300mm. All above requirements are quite important which will directly influence the service life of glass furnace.
2. Inner quality
A. According to the color of fused cast azs block, impurity in fused cast azs block can be judged, if there is large amount of carbon in block, the body color is blue, which is strictly put an end to use, because this block will reduce the service life of glass furnace doubly.
B. If there is massive blue phenomenon on the surface of fused cast azs block, iron is quite possible in the inner of block and iron is maybe produced from production process of fuse cast azs block. This refractory block is also strictly put an end to use.
C. Glass phase ratio must be strictly controlled, as excessive glass phase will reduce the service life of glass furnace and pollute the glass liquid.
3. Cutting and grinding degree of appearance
Appearance cutting directly decides the degree of convergence of glass furnace masonry, and the smaller is the gap, the longer is the glass furnace service life, product quality more secure.

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