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Professional Nouns Of Fused Cast AZS Block

1. Cast surface
Mainly refer to the surface of casting mouth of fused cast AZS block.
2. Working surface
Contacted surface between products and working medium.
3. Shrinkage cavity
Shrinkage cavity is formed because of the cooling of melting material in the product.
4. Masonry surface
Contacted surface refer to the contacted surface between one brick and another brick when fused cast AZS block is constructed.
5. Evenness
Surface distortion, convex or concave defects of fused cast AZS block
6. Squareness
Use the steel square to measure the largest gap between the surface and the steel ruler.
7. Glass phase volume 
Glass phase in fused cast AZS block will exude from inside to outside, which increase the volume of cooled refractory. The glass phase refers to the changed volume rate of fused cast AZS block due to the high temperature.

fused cast azs block

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