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Innovate Of Refractory Material For Glass Industry

The main problem that refractory materials face is the development of low temperature melting. Smelting process for arsenic free material, full oxygen combustion technology and development of electric melting technology have more stringent requirements for refractory materials.
Recent years, service life of glass furnace has been greatly improved, the service life of float production line of flat glass can be up to 10 years, ordinary glass furnace life is 7 - 5 years and the life of the special glass furnace is up to 2 years, so refractory must have the properties of strong corrosion resistance, low influence to the quality of glass, low pollution to environment and obvious energy saving effect.
In order to improve the quality of glass, refractory materials made efforts in addition to the traditional fused cast azs block 36#,41#, a containing 94% zirconia casting brick (ZFS) has also been developed. This brick has more excellent properties than AZS brick, for instance, less glass phase, anti-erosion to glass liquid, greatly reducing the glass bubble, stones and other defects. Therefore, the casting brick can adapt to a variety of glass melting, such as aluminum silicate glass, electronic glass and borosilicate glass etc.

fused cast AZS block
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of glass refractory products. Sunrise as a professional glass refractory manufacturer can provide excellent products such as fused cast AZS block 33#,36#,41#, fused cast alumina block, silica brick, magnesia brick, zircon brick, corundum block, zircon mullite brick, mullite series brick, sillimanite brick, etc. which have passed the ISO international certified. With reliable quality, competitive price and prompt delivery, Sunrise has established long-term business and cooperation relationship with many customers in different countries and regions.  Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd can provide professional guidance for you and is sincerely looking forward to establishing a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with you.

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