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Selection Principle Of Refractory

Before the selections of refractory, below factors need to be known at first:
1. Service life of glass furnace;
2. Glass quality requirements;
3. Throughput which means the selection of melting rate and melting temperature;
4. Insulation condition;
5. Economic efficiency which means the investment.
When choosing refractory materials, use requirements needs to be met, to ensure the economy of the furnace and facilitate the production of manufacturing.
1. Ensure the use requirements
A. Refractory should have high softening temperature and melting temperature, and refractoriness is not less than 1580℃.
B. With enough mechanical which can resist impact, friction, high temperature and high speed flame, smoke and dust erosion and other mechanical effects.
C. High temperature structural strength which can withstand mechanical load under the operating temperature.
D. Strong erosion resistance to melted material, melted glass and gaseous substances.
E. Low pollution to glass liquid.
F. Rapid thermal performance is good.
G. Good temperature stability.
H. Regular shape and accurate size.
2.Ensure the economic of furnace
Pay attention to the actual starting when choosing refractory materials, fully study the balance of service life of different parts refractory of entire furnace, with less investment to achieve greater economic results.
3. Easy to manufacture
When selecting refractory, both the use aspect and manufacture aspect should be considered. The shape and standard size of refractory is conducive to the development of refractory materials and easy to realize the design of glass tank furnace.

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