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Refractoriness under load of fused cast AZS block

Refractoriness points to the resistance of extreme conditions of heat (temperature >1800 °F) and corrosion when hot and molten materials are contained while being transported and/or processed.
The ability to withstand exposure to elevated temperatures without undergoing appreciable deformation is measured in terms of refractoriness. The refractoriness under load test (RUL test) gives an indication of the temperature at which the bricks will collapse, in service conditions with similar load. However, under actual service where the bricks are heated only on one face, most of the load is carried by the relatively cooler rigid portion of the bricks. Hence the RUL, test gives only an index of the refractory quality, rather than a figure which can be used in a refractory design. Under service conditions, where the refractory used is heating from all sides such as checkers, partition walls, etc. the RUL test data is quite significant.
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of glass refractory products. Sunrise can provide different shaped excellent refractory such as fused cast AZS block 33#,36#,41#, fused cast alumina block, silica brick, magnesia brick, zircon brick, corundum block, zircon mullite brick, mullite series brick, sillimanite brick, etc. which have passed the ISO international certified. 

fused cast azs block

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