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Classification Of Refractory Based On Physical Form

Refractories are classified according to their physical form. These are the shaped and unshaped refractories. The former is commonly known as refractory bricks and the latter as“monolithic” refractories.
Shaped Refractories:
Shaped refractories are those which have fixed shaped when delivered to the user. These are what we call bricks.
Brick shapes maybe divided into two: standard shapes and special shapes. Standards shapes have dimension that are conformed to by most refractory manufacturers and are generally applicable to kilns and furnaces of the same type.
Special shapes are specifically made for particular kilns and furnaces. This may not be applicable to another furnaces or kiln of the same type. 
Shaped refractories are almost always machine-pressed, thus, high uniformity in properties are expected. Special shapes are most often hand-molded and are expected to exhibit slight variations in properties.
Unshaped Refractories:
Unshaped refractories are without definite form and are only given shape upon application. It forms joint less lining and are better known as monolithic refractories. These are categorized as plastic refractories, ramming mixes, castables, gunning mixes, fettling mixes and mortars. 

AZS refractory
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refractory products which contains both the shaped and unshaped refractories. Sunrise can provide excellent quality refractory products which contain fused cast AZS block 33#,36#,41#, fused cast α-β alumina, fused cast high zirconia block, silica brick, magnesia brick, zircon brick, zircon mullite brick, mullite brick, sillimanite brick, fire clay bricks, conrundum blocks, fused corundum brick, high chrome brick, chrome corundum brick, chrome AZS block. All products have passed the ISO international certified.

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